Thursday, June 11, 2015

I see the harbor lights...lyrics

I was immediately drawn to "Fatal Harbor" by the interesting and imaginative book cover.

The novel is well written and has an interesting premise about negative aspects of nuclear power. The main character, Lewis Cole has been around for seven prior episodes and although this story can stand alone, it would be a little help to have read the prior book, "Deadly Cove."

Just reading comments from other Amazon reviewers, the reader can see how much other readers enjoy and even love the character of Lewis Cole.

In this book, he is looking for revenge. Days after a protest at an anti nuclear demonstration Lewis is thinking about his best friend, Diane Woods who has been left in a coma from someone at the demonstration. Lewis vows to find the man and to kill him.

As Lewis goes on his investigation, with help from his friend, Felix Tinios, he has the one goal of revenge and can't be persuaded to do anything else.

He overcomes obstacles, sees personal effects that the people behind the man Lewis is after, strike at one of the things Lewis loves, yet, he keeps going, like a hungry wolf.

There is a good discussion of the academic theory about why nuclear power plants hurt the earth's ecology even at the callous disregard for those injured in the crusade of the demonstrators, yet, Lewis goes on.

The story entertained as Lewis meets the father of a young man killed by the leader of the Nuclear Freedom Front and the story takes a turn.

I recommend the story and intend to look into other books of this fine author.

I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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