Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not one of Clark's best

Broadway actress Natalie Raines is in Cape Cod starring in a play. She believes that she recognizes the person she thinks killed her roommate, many years ago when both women were aspiring actresses. She leaves the Cape and hurries home but the killer is already there.
Natalie's estranged husband, Greg Aldrich, is accused of the murder. The case is given to Emily Wallace to prosecute. Emily is an assistant prosecutor and spends all her time getting ready for this big case.
What Emily fails to see is that her next door neighbor, Zach Lanning, is taking an unhealthy interest in her. Zach has installed a microphone in her home and watches her through his blinds. What else Emily doesn't know is that Zach isn't an innocent lamb. He is a wanted man for killing his family one and a half years ago.
The case against Greg centers on the testimony of Jimmy Easton, a petty criminal who was caught burglarizing a home. When interviewed about the robbery, he told officials that Greg paid him to kill his (Greg's) wife.
Clark does a good job in making Greg a sympathetic character but she fails to do so with Emily. How could this bright assistant prosecutor fail to notice that her neighbor was watching her? Why would some intelligent woman leave her windows open so she could be watched?
I've enjoyed Clark in the past, but this novel isn't up to her usual excellence.
Wait for the book to be made into a TV movie.

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