Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Smoke Screen" a delight!

TV newswoman, Britt Shelly wakes up in bed with heroic detective Jay Burgess . She doesn't remember going to bed with Jay and when she tries to awaken him, she realizes he's dead.
Britt got her first big break five years before with a story of the fire of the Charleston P.D. She told of the heroic rescue by Jay Burgess and three other city employees who led others to safety.
Firefighter Raley Gannon and Jay were best friends. Raley kidnaps Britt and tries to make her tell him what went on at Jay's apartment. Britt still can't remember and then the cause of death is determined as suffocation and Britt is a suspect.
After the news of Jay's suffocation, Raley amazes Britt by telling her that what happened to her also happened to him. He was lead investigator for arson at the police dept. He felt that someone was stonewalling his investigation and was pretty sure that one of the victims didn't die in the fire but was murdered and the fire was started to cover up the crime. Raley went to Jay's party. A pretty girl gave him a drink. He woke up next to her corpse. When the police investigated that case, Raley was removed from his fire investigation. Then Britt's TV show centered on how the girl who died is the forgotton person so with this publicity, the fire chief fires Raley.
Once they realize that they've both been set up, Britt and Raley bond together to find the killers and clear their names. Two men are following Britt and there are a number of close escapes.
Raley believes that Jay's murder and the set up to take Britt off the case stem from one of the heroes of that fire, really being the killer.
This is a wonderful romantic mystery. It is well written and develops momentum as the story progresses carrying the reader along with the excitement. Britt and Raley are gallant in their pursuit of answers and make a very romantic couple.
Highly recommended.

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