Monday, August 24, 2009

A speeding train turns into a broken escillator

Paul Skoglund is afflicted with Tourette's syndrome. Because of that, he says words impulsive and sometimes twitches. It's hard to keep a job.
When Paul's aunt Vivian asks him to repair the damage done to her hunting lodge in Hudson Valley, he reluctantly accepts. Paul had been taking college courses to better himself but was a fine carpenter and that work was more abundant.
When Paul and his girlfriend Lia see the hunting lodge they are surprised at the extent of the damage. Paul even asks Vivian if there was someone who had a grudge against her but the only person she could think of was a former gardener.

Mo Ford is transferred to the Lewisboro Barracks of the State Police.
He inherits a number of cases. One involves the hit and run killing of Richard Mason, another involves the disappearance of three local high school teens.

When Mo interviews Mason's family, he speaks to Mason's sister, Heather who is schizophrenic. Heather tells him that she was with her brother that night and the person who killed him was superman. She also tells him that she is writing a story and in the story the policeman dies.

Mo researches the damage to the hunting lodge and soon feels that there is a connection between the missing teens and the hunting lodge. He was told that there may have been satanic rituals at the hunting lodge.

Paul and Lia and Mo become friendly and attempt to solve the mystery as time goes on. They suspect Vivian's son, Royce who bears a hatred toward his mother. As the repairs are done, there is subplot of what happened to Paul's father, Ben, when he was visiting Vivian and committed suicide.

The story moves along with intelligence and it is interesting to see how Paul balances the medicines that slow down the Tourette's but taking smaller dosages so he can do his job. However, toward the last part of the book the reader is given pages of pages of information on Tourette's, of paranormal activities and of people having superhuman abilities. This came out without warning and was distracting and somewhat unbelievable.

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