Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Fire is a good servant but a bad master." English 17th Century

Det. Lena Gambrel is given the lead investigator responsibility on a case of a young woman who was murdered. The victim's body was left in a position that looked like it was a stage prop.

The victim had recently had sex and DNA showed that it wasn't with her husband. Wanting to show initiative, Lena finds information in the home with the number 7. This makes her look into similar cases and she finds the DNA matches two other murders where other men were convicted.

The author does an excellent job of letting us know about Lena's background and see her personality, such as the way she does crossword puzzles in ink, and the part of her history when she lived at the home of her brother, David, who was murdered. This lets the reader understand Lena's actions and her relentless pursuit of the killer.

The writing captivates the reader's attention and holds it throughout the heart pounding story as Lena discovers the killer and resolves the case.

In addition, the author provided a plot twist as things were winding down, this change in direction of the plot was outstanding and totally unexpected. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Highly recommended.

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