Friday, January 15, 2010

"Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it." Carrie, Sex and the City

Lisbeth Salander is accused of killing three people. There is strong evidence pointing to her. She doesn't wish to be found so she goes into hiding. Newspapers have a field day, accusing her of the murder. They go into her past and make her look like an out of control, sexually depraved mad-woman. The tables seem stacked against her but Mikael Blomkvist and a few loyal friends are not swayed by the public view. They decide to take their own steps to help their friend.
The reader learns that the magazine "Millenium" was about to publish a story about the abuse of prostitutes in Sweden. It was going to point to a number of influential men who were using the services of these prostitutes.
In a strong, plot driven novel, the reader follows the bashing Lisbeth receives, the official investigation by the police, Mikael's research into the case and the steps that Lisbeth takes to clear her name and find the real killers.
Lisbeth Salander continues to be one of the finest female protagonists in literature. The manner in which she is described shows her multi-dimensional qualities. Lisbeth is a gutsy, relentless and extremely intelligent character. Since she appears to be bi-polar, her actions are unique.
The author provided some well thought out plot twists which added to the reader's surprise and interest. The plot did become overly complex and with the many characters whose names began with the letter "B" it was confusing. We have Blomkvist, Bjurman, Bublinski, and Berger, who is married to Beckman.
Otherwise, this was an original plot with unique characters and provided an enjoyable reading experience..


NancyO said...

Thanks for the review. One point: you may wish to consider that you've given away a lot of info that the author tends to wait awhile to divulge in the book.

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