Saturday, January 9, 2010

"The people have a right to the truth as they have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Epictetus

The story takes place a few days after the events in "Extreme Measures," when Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash stopped a group of terrorists before they could destroy the National Counterterrorism Center. 185 people were killed but it could have been much worse.
Three of the terrorists who helped plan the mission have escaped. However, these three men have cut off ties to al Qaeda centers overseas. Working as an independent unit, it will be difficult to find the information to stop them before they can kill again.
In addition, Mitch finds that he has to explain his actions to politicians who don't seem to realize what is necessary to maintain the nation's defense.
The series with Mitch Rapp has provided many enjoyable reading moments. This story is packed with adventure. However, Rapp must take the time to explain his motives and means of carrying out his mission. Many people disagree with the methods he uses, such as terror and intimidation. His adversaries feel that he is a "lose cannon." In defending himself, Mitch must take time out to philosophize and this isn't the action protagonist that we are used to. When Mitch must even convince his close associate Mike Nash that his actions are just, it takes away from the action and complete confidence that he's doing the only thing possible to save the nation.

An enjoyable read but not quite up to his past work.

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