Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Did I chase the glitz and glamour money fame and power?" Quote

Written by one of the masters of mystery literature, Elmore Leonard, "Glitz" tells the story of a Miami Beach cop, trying to find a killer in Atlantic City.

As the action begins, a gunman attempts to rob a man carrying groceries to his home. The thief didn't realize he was dealing with a cop and in the shootout that followed, the cop was injured and the robber died from his injuries.

The injured Miami Beach police officer goes to San Juan, Puerto Rico to recuperate  He spends much of his time with a lovely  but innocent prostitute named Iris. Iris has aspirations of moving to Atlantic City to be a hostess in a casino.

While the police officer is recuperating  another man arrives, hires a taxi and begins following him. He poses as a tourist and takes many photos. The cab driver thinks the photos are of the prostitute and when he wants to help the man, the killer realizes he's seen too much.

Teddy Mazyk is a deranged killer, recently released from jail and intent on gaining revenge on the cop, who was the man who caught him raping a senior citizen and caused his jail time.

We are able to follow the story as if it was unravelling right in front of us. The author's use of dialogue and condensed language makes it seem like we are in the midst of the action.

This is a carefully crafted novel that will entertain the reader right from the first page.

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