Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings." Salvatore Dali

Maggie Mahoney is a partner at one of the top Wall Street firms.

She is an advocate for women's equality in her law firm but has senior partners blocking this from happening and acting as if any sexual activity is acceptable..

Maggie and her husband were on a skiing trip when her husband and another partner from the firm, died in an avalanche.

When she returns, one of the first people to seem to offer condolences is really making a sexually suggestive comment. She's still thinking about this when a senior partner asks her to look into he Gender Equity Committee and the treatment of women in the firm. What makes this seem less than sincere is that the committee is chaired by a man who is a noted womanizer.

Most businesses would show compassion when an employee's spouse died but life with this law firm isn't always fair and one of Maggie's husband's best clients takes their business to a rival firm without giving Maggie a chance to show them why it would be beneficial to work with her.

As Maggie spends more time with the Committee, she learns horrendous things that are happening to the women, some, beyond comprehension.

Maggie is the wrong person to make an enemy of and she documents the wrongs that are being done and approaches a condescending senior partner in a manner that exposes the firm for what it is.

The writing is well done without many additional flourishes and the plot moves along nicely. Maggie's actions at the concluding scene is something the reader will feel satisfied about.

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