Monday, October 8, 2012

"Our founders got it right in the Declaration of Independence, that our rights come from nature...and God.

James Wesley Rawles is a talented author and survivalist with a story to tell.
He believes that the world is heading for a financial disaster that will have cataclysmic results.

The plot incorporates the elements of the disaster. He describes the situation in Chicago, Washington D.C. and other cities as the price of oil becomes so high that it is unaffordable  The U.S. dollar falters and electricity goes off the grid, permitting gangs and outlaws to band together and law, as we know it, disappears.

Groups of people have prepared by having disaster action plan get together at various places to defend their freedom. Friends and family become two of the most important criteria. Other things that these people all seem to have in common are a faith in a higher being, a belief in freedom and a desire to do what is necessary to bring law and order back to where our founding fathers wanted.

The plot is complicated but well thought out and authentic. The author also provides hints of survivalist ideas and needs for people to consider.

The author has the unique ability to take characters from around the United States and weave them together into a story that will entertain the reader.

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