Saturday, March 23, 2013

A story with a message

In "Betrayal of Trust," the author has written a compelling story with important messages about bullying and parental relationships with their children.

Investigators J. P. Beaumont and his partner, Mel, are summoned to the Washington State governor's residence. Upon arriving, the governor shows them her step-son's I-phone where someone has sent him a snuff film.

As the investigators try to find the identify of the person who was killed in the film, they speak to the step-son who shows his defensiveness  Later, they learn that he has also been subject to extensive internet bullying.

Politics, and over protective parents are witnessed as is the cruelty that some teenagers show towards each other.

The investigators overcome some heavy odds in dealing with the sensitive issues in the case. However, the story is well told and leaves the reader with something important to think about.

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Heather said...

vEry current topic. My son was subject to bullying by almost his whole class for several years. It didn't stop till he was moved to a new school in the next city. years later and he's still healing. Glad to read that authors don't shy away from difficult topics.

Michael Draper said...

Our younger son faced bullying at school many years ago. When we told him he should report it, very little was done and he was picked on even more by the bully.

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