Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I was dreaming along, on Lighthouse Bay

In "Lighthouse Bay," we have the story of three women, two of whom are in different time periods and all have something in common.

In 1901, Isabella Winterbourne was on a cargo ship that sank. There was a valuable  item, covered with jewels that was meant as a gift from Isabella's husband to the Australian Parliament.

Isabella is the sole survivor and landed with the bejeweled item. The value of the jewels would be enough to free Isabella from the disdain and poor treatment by the Winterbourne family.

In the modern day, Libby Slater has just been to the funeral of a man who was her lover for twelve years.

She decides to return to Lighthouse Bay, her original home. Her lover had bought her a home by the water. It also included a room where Libby could spend time with painting, a lifetime goal.

Libby's sister, Juliet has been living on land she inherited from her father. She runs a B&B and hasn't spoken to Libby for twenty years.

The story is entertaining and the setting is picturesque. It is interesting to see these three brave woman trying to achieve their dreams and overcoming obstacles.

Scheduled for release Apr 9th.

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