Sunday, March 3, 2013

Those Mission Bells are ringing out for me

"Mission Flats" features small town police chief, Ben Truman. His father was chief before him and Ben left grad school in Boston to return home to help care for his mother who had Alzheimer's Disease.

As part of his job, Ben checks the summer homes on the lake but this time he finds the deceased body of a D.A. from Boston who was murdered in a manner to point the finger at a ruthless Boston drug dealer.

The investigation gets under way and Boston officials attempt to take control but Ben insists he be included in the team. He goes to Boston to have an active role in trying to find the killer.

During the investigation, Ben is teamed with John Kelly, a savvy, retired Boston detective.

The novel is a past winner of the Dagger award for best debut crime novel. A well deserving achievement. The author makes the reader care what happens to Ben. The plot also has a number of well placed surprises and an unforgettable conclusion.

Highly recommended.

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