Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As in all of the books I've read by Elmore Leonard, the story gets rolling immediately and the reader's attention is caught and held.

Jack Delaney has been working at his brother-in-law's funeral parlor after his brother-in-law helped with an early release for Jack, from Angola.

Jack is ordered to remove a body from a hospital dealing with people who had leprosy. He's also asked to bring another person to the removal. This person turns out to be a lovely ex-nun who is trying to help hide the woman who they pretended was deceased.

Jack wasn't privy to this information and when he arrives and finds that the woman was alive and hiding from  a Nicaraguan colonel who wants to kill her for trying to infect him with leprosy.

In a wonderfully plotted story, the colonel is in New Orleans to raise money that is supposed to be used to fight in Nicaragua. However, Jack and a number of his colorful friends want to get this money to help the ex-nun build a hospital in Nicaragua for caring for people with leprosy.

The characters are well described and realistic and the dialogue is masterful.

A well written mystery that shouldn't be missed.

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