Saturday, February 2, 2013

A dark story with paranormal aspects

A relative of Charlie Parker's friend, Louis, is kidnapped off the streets of New York.

Louis was supposed to keep an eye on his relative and feels the guilt of her disappearance. His partner, Angel, and Charlie Parker offer their help.

Through their search, they find a link to a church of bones in Eastern Europe and an object known as the Black Angel which is worth millions but may have a life of its own.

John Connolly does a good job in making his characters come to life. In this story we observe the misery of many prostitutes in New York and how they are oppressed by their pimps and others.

There is quite a bit of violence but good descriptions of life and, in addition, Charlie Parker's humor helps offset the gloom and violence.

Not for everyone but I found the book enjoyable.

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