Saturday, February 23, 2013

Novel from the creator of PBS series DCI Banks

I have greatly enjoyed the PBS series DCI Banks based on the novels of Peter Robinson so I decided to read one of his books.

I chose "Before the Poison" which is a recent stand alone which I found to be a most entertaining reading experience.

In the story, Chris Lowndes was a successful movie score composer in Hollywood. He decides to relocate to the Yorkshire area of his younger days.

Chris purchases an old mansion and later, finds that many years ago, this was the setting of a crime. A doctor's wife was accused and found guilty of the doctor's murder. She was executed for her crime.

With time on his hands, Chris begins looking into the facts surrounding the case and the story follows his search to see if the woman was really guilty.

We follow the events of her trial and then see the edited version of her diary. She had been a WWII nurse who served in Singapore and other places. She was even in a boat that was sunk by the Japanese  leaving few survivors.

This is an excellent book rich in the history of WWII and the extreme horrors that some of the military nurses endured.



Todd Mason said...

Not actually a PBS series, but one syndicated by BBC Worldwide Americas to public stations in the US...independent as well as PBS affiliates.

Man of la Book said...

Sounds like my type of book (love WWII books).

K. A. Cozy said...

Mike: What is the best way to contact you with a book review request?

Michael Draper said...

Todd, thanks for the info.
Man of la Book, nice to hear from you.
K.A. Cozy due to dealing with a health issue, I'm not accepting any outside reviews. I have my next chemo procedure next week.

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