Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mixing history and fiction in a political thriller

Brad Meltzer brings the Culper Ring in this story. That  is a group of spies first established by George Washington as his personal spy ring.

The story tells of fourteen attempts on the lives of the U.S. Presidents-with four being successful. It was thought that these crimes were random but what if they were part of a conspiracy and the organization responsible is in the process of a plan to assassinate the current President?

Beecher White of the National Archives leads the investigation into the conspiracy and to attempt to save the President's life.

The story is a nice mixture of history and fiction and the author makes the story seem possible.

The  characters are drawn out of the history pages and the story moves right along.

There are also a number of surprises to add to the entertainment value.

I was entertained by the story and a glance of what history might be.

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