Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bad men; good book, excellent suspense

I enjoyed reading this stand alone novel by John Connolly.

His characters are well described and believable and the setting, an island off the Portland coast of Maine, is easy to imagine as is the incidents that take place there.

A number of evil men are intent to do something on the island where, long ago, a massacre had taken place. The spirits from this incident have the ability to rise up when something of evil nature is going to take place on their island.

The protagonist, Joe Dupree, a giant of a man, is the protector of the island's secrets.
He's almost a God-like figure in  his care for the members of his community. He's definitely the kind of character that the reader would become interested in and want him to succeed.

There are also a number of surprises with Connolly's characters and I felt the influence of Stephen King in this work.

This is a highly entertaining novel that will catch the reader's attention from the start.


Mary Gramlich said...

Great review Mike as always and I think this sounds like an interesting read.

Michael Draper said...

Thanks so much for staying in touch and being a friend.

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