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Family saga with events from 1860-1900 in their new life in Texas.

This is a family saga of the Tolivers who made their fortune with their cotton plantation.

This historical novel is carefully researched and follows Silas Toliver who was left out of his father's will after his father left the estate to Silas's older brother. Silas resolves to move to Texas with his best friend, Jeremy Warwick and the woman he plans to marry.

Jessica Wyndham is an eighteen-year-old who is an abolitionist. She has just returned from Boston to her family home in South Carolina. She tries to help a slave escape via the underground railroad and when the slave is caught, Jessica's part in his escape is revealed. Her father, Carson is one of the wealthiest men in South Carolina and tells his daughter she has the option of being sent to a convent or marrying Silas Toliver and going to Texas with him.

Silas was engaged to another woman and Carson does something that makes Silas come to him to help fund this wagon train to Texas. He tells Silas that the price of his loaning Silas the money is to marry Jessica.

Silas ponders his choices and chooses to follow his dream with Jessica. Because he is not marrying the woman his mother wanted for a daughter-in-law, his mother tells him that his marriage to Jessica will be cursed.

Jessica and Silas have an interesting relationship and they eventually fall in love.  The wagon train continues to Texas at the time of the Texas - Mexico war. With the story dealing with the time of 1860-1900. The reader learns of the Texas war for independence and events through the Civil War.  Silas and his followers form the town of Howbutker, Texas which becomes very successful via cotton growth, commercial enterprises and the lumber industry.

I enjoyed the family saga and seeing history through the eyes of the Tolivers. There is a lesson about love and following a person's dream with the novel being well written and enjoyable.

I received a free book with the promise of a fair review and the ideas and opinions are my own. The book is scheduled for publication February 4, 2014.

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Kelly said...

I think I would enjoy the history associated with this story. Nice review, Mike.

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