Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rachel tells a story that should be a lesson for us all.

Rachel is a family counselor. From the start of the story we can see that she cares deeply for the people she is trying to help.

On the way home from the rehearsal dinner for her best friend, Rachel and the future groom flirt with each other in the car. As they reach her home, the man, Jack, manages to come into her home and once there, they become intimate.

After the incident, we can see what a moral person Rachel is and imagine how devastated she must be at the betrayal of her best friend. She is torn between telling her best friend or not, luckily her brother gives her some solid advice.

The wedding goes off as planned and then Rachel has to deal with her emotions and her husband. She considers if she should tell him and wonders how they could have relations after her admitted transgression.

The author does a good job in letting us see how one mistake can ruin a person's life.

Then we find Rachel helping a teenage girl who is having trouble with an older man she had been dating.

Something amazing happens and the remainder of the story is told by Rachel's brother and the girl, Sarah that Rachel had been helping.

The novel is very readable and I enjoyed Rachel as a character. I also liked the development of the characters of Rachel's brother, Ben, and of Sarah. There was good suspense in the story and the author provided a major surprise to keep the reader's interest.


Kym McNabney said...

Wow, sounds really good. Thanks for the review.

Michael Draper said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kym. It's always nice to hear from you.


Alexia561 said...

Sounds intriguing! Makes me wonder how Rachel deals with the situation, and what happens with Sarah. Well done!

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