Thursday, March 27, 2014

An eye opener

Fans of fast action mysteries will know this story is a winner right from the start.

"Oak" O'Clair is a former Detroit Homicide Detective who retires and buys a motel in Florida. One day he finds the body of a dead woman with her eyes cut out. Someone left the body on the beach outside of O'Clair's hotel. The local detective assigned to the case isn't experienced in homicides and asks O'Clair to help in the investigation.

O'Clair remembers a murder case in Detroit where the killer also cut out the victim's eyes and wonders about the connection. When he finds his housekeeper killed in the same manner, it is too much of a coincidence. He asks the local detective, Holland, to provide security for his girlfriend, Virginia, and returns to Detroit to look at the old case.

He teams up with the detective who he had worked with before and begins examining the facts. The killer picked prostitutes to kill and cut out there eyes. Oak feels that he may have moved too quickly to find that killer and perhaps the wrong man is in jail.

The action is at super speed and the tension intense as the killer taunts O'Clair and seeks a new victim.

There is some action that is confusing about the suspected killer. However, the drama was excellent and O'Clair and his girlfriend, Virginia are very well portrayed characters who the reader will cheer for their success. The antagonist is also well described and we hope that O'Clair can catch the killer before he can kill again.

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