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This is a realistic mystery that makes the reader seem close to the action.

Doc Ford is a marine biologist and his friend, Tomlinson is contacted by a man of the Crow Indian nation. The man is trying to locate lost artifacts that belonged to his tribe.

As Doc begins helping, he's put in contact with a man named Mick who is a guide and knows about diving and artifacts. Their search leads to an area known for people involved in black market activities and deal with illegal artifacts and fossils.

They travel to land owned by the Albright family whose family collected artifacts. Their land also includes an elephant rescue section. Members of this family have been doing things behind Mr. Albright's back this adds to the suspense and makes him a sympathetic character.

Albright places his trust in Doc and since Doc is a marine biologist, he asks him to analyze some of the water by his property.

There is a murder and realistic dialogue as the story continues. One of the highlights of Randy Wayne White's writing is his descriptions of the land and businesses in the Sanibel, Captiva Island area in Florida.

I enjoyed the story and found it even more interesting since I was vacationing in Sanibel as I read it. It was as if I was learning about the action from the daily newspapers.

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Kelly said...

How fun (and appropriate) to read a book while in the location in which it's set!

skkorman said...

I love the Doc Ford series—thanks for the review and a chance to win White's latest book, Mike! Steps 1 & 2 are complete!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

Michael Draper said...

Thanks for the early response to my book review and giveaway.
Good luck to all.



rhonda said...

Book sounds perfect for me.

Michael Draper said...

thanks for entering my giveaway. The winner is Kelly.
Have a good day and stay well.


Kelly said...

Hi Mike,

I'm afraid I didn't follow all your rules for the giveaway (I don't usually enter contests and should have indicated such - I was just fascinated that you were actually in the location while reading), so I will defer my win to one of the other entrants.

Thanks so much, though...and good luck to one of the others!

Michael Draper said...

With Kelly graciously deferring to one of the other contestants, Sheila Korman gets a copy of the book.

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