Monday, March 17, 2014

Breath catching

This fast moving story will appeal to readers who enjoy gutsy women. The writing is catching and suspenseful.

Investigative reporter Maxine "Max" Revere travels to her home outside of San Francisco for the funeral of a childhood friend. Kevin committed suicide but left her  a note that he's not guilty of their friend Lindy's murder and would Max look into the facts.

At the airport, an elderly couple recognize her from her TV show and ask her to look into the murder of their grandson, Jason,  who was killed recently.

Max is a modern woman and after looking into the facts, is fiercely determined to solve  Jason's murder. She also examines the killing that Kevin was charged with. Lindy was a childhood friend and when Kevin was tried thirteen years before, Max was one of the few people who took the stand in his defense.

There are obstacles in her path. One detective who investigated Lindy's murder has a dislike of her and does whatever he can to hinder her investigation.

Max shows good instinct and bravery. She doesn't run from threats and continues on the case of finding the killer of two people, both of which are beginning to have similarities. Part of her determination might come from the fact that her mother abandoned her and when she was going to inherit money from her great-grandmother, members of her family tried to fight against her getting her inheritance.

This is an excellent story showing a woman's belief in herself and her ability to get answers to a mystery. She carries the readers on the trail of both murders, never doubting that she will succeed in her quest to find the killer.

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Thanks for the review! Sounds like a must read :)

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