Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Foreign policy is really domestic policy with its hat on." Hubert Humphrey

Counter terrorism operative Scot Horvath is working for a new secret agency that is buried deep within the Department of Defense and isn't burdened with answering to self-serving politicians.
Scot is asked to go after a man who had helped him in the past. The man is known as The Troll and is accused of being the mastermind behind the bombing of a bus filled with American college students in Rome.
Elsewhere, a cab runs down a young girl who had been out partying with her friends in Chicago. When the girl's family doesn't get any results from he police investigation, they hire a former Marine, John Vaughan, to investigate.
While that is going on, Scott believes that someone was attempting to pin this on The Troll. Scot wants to get proof and to punish those responsible. With The Troll's help, they prove that it was a set up and that there is a terrorist organization planning two more strikes in Europe after which they will be taking their terror to the innocent people in the United States.
In Chicago, John Vaughan teams up with Paul Davidson who is in the Public Vehicles division. They find a lead to a cab driver who ran down the girl. When they go to the cab driver's home, they find bomb making material and they learn that the cab driver is part of an undercover terrorist scheme that involves explosives.
The two cases come together with excellent action and suspense. Scot Horvath continues to be an enjoyable hero. He stops at nothing to get his man and is brave, patriotic and doesn't hesitate to use whatever means is necessary to get answers and stop the terrorists.
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Already been by Amazon and marked the helpful button. I left a comment too.

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Hi Mike, what a wonderful review, and speaking of professionalism. Thank you for your kind words, while keeping up a blog is lots of work it really is something I am enjoying. Did I see that you had written a book? Has it been published yet?

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