Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Getting caught is the mother of invention." Robert Byrne

Harlan Coben's novels are a joy to read, in part, because they are so realistic that it's easy for the reader to put themselves into the story and imagine the action happening to them.

Social worker Dan Mercer is a giving person, coaches girl's basketball and helps seriously troubled teens. He thinks one of his teens may be in trouble and is answering a plea to come to her home for assistance. He arrives and hears a voice telling him to come in. He enters the home and walks into a sting operation run by reporter Wendy Tynes and coordinated with the police.

Wendy's goal is to catch sexual predators, publicly humiliate them and have them arrested.

She confronts Dan and tells him that she knows that the reason he entered that house was to have sex with an underage teenager. Dan tells her that she's wrong and that he's being set-up. She scoffs at this and tells him that that's what they all say.
There is a pre-trial hearing but no matter what the outcome, Dan is labelled as a sexual predator and faces public wrath.
This is a suspenseful, can't put down story where the facts come out gradually and the reader is kept on edge. We watch Wendy attempt to get the real answers but there's much more to the story and her life and reputation are at risk.

The characters are sympathetic and described in a believable manner. The novel is breathtaking.
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Been over to Amazon and left a comment on this one and the review below. Both are excellent!

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