Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"To make a judgment, we need the answers." Michael Woods

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The prologue of the novel reveals a cat burglar who is stealing valuable jewels from Casey Dowling, the wife of movie star, Marcus Dowling. As the thief is leaving, she knocks over the console table and wakes up the Dowlings. Their marriage was on the rocks and Marcus realizes that he has a chance to murder his wife and get away with it. He kills Casey and blames the thief.
Another case involves a psychopathic killer whose motto is "Women and Children First." He kills women with their babies and then, needlessly, kills the baby. He becomes known as the Lipstick Killer and terrorizes San Francisco.
Detective Lindsay Boxer of the homicide division is working with her partner, Rick Conklin, to catch both killers.
As the Lipstick Killer strikes again, Det. Boxer intensifies her search but she is hindered by the lack of witnesses.
Spending more time together, Lindsay and Rick find their emotions toward each other mounting and they have difficulty in concentrating on the cases and not giving in to their growing physical attraction.
Lindsay is a well described character who is easy to like with her energy, dedication and courage. The plot had plenty of action and moved along swiftly but was predictable.

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