Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Where are you, little star?" song lyrics

In this contemporary novel we see a young Hollywood starlet who is constantly going into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. The starlet's name is Cherry Pye, aka Cheryl Bunterman.
Cherry is now age twenty-two and since she was age fourteen, she's been a popular star with a love for excitement that includes alchohol and drugs.
She's currently attempting a comeback after a drug related episode in Boston where she was high and did something on stage. By this time, she's had so many relapses that her parents and record producer, Maury Lykes have hired a double, Ann DeLusia, to fill in for Cherry when she becomes "indisposed."
A member of the paparazzi, Bang Abbott, feels that Cherry is headed for the same unfortunate ending as Michael Jackson and Bang follows Cherry around in attempt to get photos at the stages of her downward spiral.
Abbott meets Cherry and takes some photos but she takes off with his photos and cell phone.
Meanwhile, Ann is driving in Florida and has an accident. She meets a bizarre environmentalist, former governor of Florida, Skink and they form an uneasy bond.
Later, Abbott kidnaps Ann thinking she is Cherry. The family then tries to make the most of it at first, thinking of rescuing Ann but then there is a change of plan. They have hired a body guard who is searching for her. This man has a weed-whacker instead of one of his arms and is an amusing character. As he is searching for the kidnapped Ann, Skink is trying to find her to rescue her.
The story could be a plot of an Adam Sandler movie. Very funny and enjoyable.
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