Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Death was afraid of him because he had the heart of a lion." Arabian Proverb

J. A. Konrath, writing as Jack Kilborn, has delivered a novel that rockets the reader into the arms of terror and leaves them there throughout this edgy thriller.

A helicopter crashes over the lake in Safe Harbor, Wisconsin. This quiet town is made up of friendly, self reliant people, until now.

A group of frenzied, programed terrorists escape from the chopper and set about intimidating and murdering the local people.

County Sheriff "Ace" Steng, waitress and homemaker Fran Stauffer and firefighter, Josh Van Camp seem to be the only ones with any success at stopping the wanton killing but they appear over matched.

The invaders have been programed to terrorize, their code name is Red~ops. They are searching for a town resident named Wiley, who is a recluse. Most of the town's people don't know where Wiley's residence is but the members of this terrorist group continue to torture the residence until they get the information they need.

The action and suspense is immediate and the reader is kept at nail biting attention throughout the story.

J.A. Konrath has written an exciting novel. He knows how to tell a story. The characters may be stereotypical but that gives the reader a better idea of what to expect so that it works in this novel.

The story is not entirely realistic with a scientist's monkey having a significant role. But nonetheless, it is a fun ride. Please check my Amazon review and if you agree, indicate that the review was helpful.

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