Friday, February 11, 2011

A reputation is what people say it is and can be damaged, but character is for eternity." John B. Gough

A Coast Guard helicopter finds a fisherman's cooler bobbing in the water off the Florida coast. When officials open the cooler they are surprised to find body parts.

A massive hurricane is heading toward Florida. Charlie Wurth, the deputy director of homeland security, asks criminal profiler Maggie O'Dell to help on a case. To do so, they travel to Pensacola, Florida, as a category four hurricane named Ivan, heads toward them.

Elsewhere, soldiers from Afghanistan have lost limbs and now are coming down with some toxic element. A number of the soldiers have died and officials are trying to determine the cause.

In another part of the story, undertaker, Scot Larsen has made an agreement with Joe Black so that Black could accept delivery and provide storage for some human specimens Black would pick up in route to his doctor's conferences.

I enjoyed the story and the characters. The imminent arrival of hurricane Ivan, which has become a category five, adds to the suspense. Things would need to be resolved quickly so that Maggie and others would have time to get to safety before being trapped by the storm.

Alex Kava does a professional job with this thriller. Maggie and Liz Bailey, a Coast Guard dive team member, are intelligent, assertive characters who demonstrate excellent problem solving ability.

Some of the puzzles in the story were a bit too easily resolved and the antagonist was fairly obvious from early in the novel. The only suspense was how the person would be caught and how many more victims would fall prior to the authorities catching the antagonist.

I took this book on vacation and enjoyed it thoroughly. I plan to look into other novels by this talented author.
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