Saturday, February 5, 2011

"...the pessimist may be proven right, but the optimist has a better ...trip." Daniel Readon

Jack Reacher is digging wells in Key West, Florida when he learns that the daughter of an old friend asks for his help.

He arrives at Jodie Garber's home as friends are departing after paying respects. Jodie's father, General Garber died five days earlier.

Jodie is divorced but maintained her married name, Jacob, for business purposes. She is a successful attorney in New York City. Just as Reacher is telling Jodie that someone was searching for her in Florida, two men attempt to kill her. Reacher acts quickly and he saves Jodie.

In New York, Hook Hobie is behind the attempted murder. He is also in the process of terrorizing a corporate CEO, Chester Stone and Stone's wife. Their fear is so great that they agree to turn over the stock in their corporation to Hobie. Hobie had loaned Stone money for Stone's business. He made Stone put up the stock on his business as collateral. Then Hobie manipulated the stock so that he would gain control of the company.

Reacher and Jodie are attempting to find out what Jodie's father was investigating when he died. They learn that he had been trying to help an elderly couple named Hobie. The Hobie's were looking for their son, Victor Hobie. Victor was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He disappeared during his second tour but the government won't declare him dead or missing. The parents want closure and feel that their son's name should be added to the Vietnam memorial.

Events follow as these two plot lines connect. The tension is excellent and the plotting is masterful. Reacher shows the traits that will endear him to thriller fans well into the future.

Lee Child has written an excellent thriller. The cat and mouse game played by Hobie and Reacher is well played out and realistically portrayed. There are some well placed surprises in this highly entertaining novel.
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