Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"I am not the boss of my house...I've seen the boss's job and I do not want it." Bill Cosby

Scientist Isabel Duncan is employed at the Great Ape House and developed a love for bonobo apes when she was a young student.

She shows reporter, John Thigpen, the lab and how the apes respond to the ASL (American Sign Language). John is appreciative of her efforts and immediately becomes fond of the apes, himself.

As John travels back to his office, he learns that animal rights extremists have blown up the lab and severely injured Isabel, and then, liberating the apes.

Isabel is devastated with this news. The bonobo apes are the closest animals to humans. They show love and emotions and communicate with Isabel with the ASL. As the apes demonstrate their feelings toward her, Isabel responds as if they were members of her family.

When Isabel is released from the hospital, she learns that the apes have been sold. She wonders why someone would do this and wipe out years of scientific breakthroughs. She also wonders what was behind the animal rights group that blew up the lab.

As characters, Isabel and John are painstakingly drawn. We see what is missing in their lives and believe that if they can care enough about these animals, then they can care about others and in John's case, a possible family.

The story is most intriguing and believable. The apes are as innocent as children and the reader is drawn to them as to John and Isabel. We share their pain in the loss and for John and Isabel, we share their hope of rescuing the apes once they discover where these childlike creatures are being kept and exploited.

This is a novel of love, devotion and faith that the reader will surely enjoy and think about into the future.
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Lazy Girl said...

Awww this story sounds heartbreaking!

Laurie said...

This book sounds like it's a keeper. Thanks for the review. I am a new follower(GFC). Found you on Book Blogs.


bookspersonally said...

Thanks for the review- I loved Water for Elephants- sounds like this is another great one! Following you on google.

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