Friday, June 17, 2011

"Every day, it's a gettin' closer" Song lyrics

Gregg Main has made an impressive debut with his first novel, "Every Trace."

Ellen Donelly leaves her husband, Pete. Later, she calls and tells him she's at her sister's home. There had been an argument between Ellen and Pete and when he returned her call, in order to apologize, Pete learns that Ellen isn't at her sister's home.

We learn that Ellen is hunting Franklin Walker, who had been paroled a few years ago, after serving thirty years in prison for killing Ellen's father.

Ellen's plan is to kill Walker for what he had done and to find out who was the man who actually shot the gun that killed her father.

In this plot driven novel, we learn of Ellen's plan and Pete's actions when he learns that his wife isn't where she said she would be.

Things go wrong for Ellen and the story takes a dramatic turn as her life becomes endangered. During this time, Pete finds some of the details of Ellen's father's murder from Ellen's sister. He hires a private investigator and contacts the police after Ellen doesn't return home.

The story develops suspenseful as we learn more of what went on, when Ellen's father was murdered and that Ellen had been a little girl and was hiding under a desk at the time of the murder. The author does a suburb job of moving the action from Ellen's predicament to Pete's search for her and the killer's goals. There is good drama as we try to learn who was the man who pulled the trigger and what was the true reason for murdering Ellen's father.

The plot moves swiftly and visually. It has the making of a good movie and the suspense kept my attention throughout. Pete shows himself to be heroic in his actions and drive to save his wife, Ellen is a woman who acted without thought.

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Tracy.H said...

This one sounds good. Definitely lots of action! :0)

Zibilee said...

Though it's not my preferred genre, this book sounds like it might make for a great summer read. Thanks for your very insightful and thoughtful review on it. On the wish list it goes!

Connie said...

I liked your review...the book sounds interesting to read. :)

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