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"Save the last dance for me." Song lyrics

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In a surprisingly philosophical novel with first rate substance, "Skull Dance,' tells of the time after the Berlin Wall came down. Berlin becomes a wide open city with numerous former Russian military members who are selling weapons.

Chris Ramsdorf, a former East German soldier, is now free to travel and comes to England. Having a good knowledge of the weapons of the Eastern Bloc, he is hired my M15, British Intelligence.

After he loses his position, he begins dealing with weapons on his own and is hired by a group of Russians to dismantle a warhead and extract plutonium.

Fearing the weapon might be used against England, Chris tells his superiors and is told to go along with the Russians.

He believes that a plan is in place to thwart the deal but something complicates things and he ends up in a jail in India.

In the jail, we observe his philosophy and ideas of life but when the situation becomes intolerable, Chris must attempt to gain his freedom.

There is outstanding character development as Chris evolves from a selfish, uncaring person, to someone who regards others with compassion and understanding.

The story does meander from place to place and the periods of action are followed by sections of introspection and analysis. This slows down the story but gives us a deeper understanding of Chris, and perhaps, the author.

The author, Gerd Balko, died of a heart attack and the novel was completed by Michael La Rocca.

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Leslie said...

Great Reveiw Mike,
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Loved the review as always.
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I always enjoy reading your reviews, Mike. You manage to make me interested in books that I wouldn't otherwise pick up!

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CelticLady said...

Hi Mike, thanks for stopping your review but did not enter, not my kind of book...but thanks. In answer to your question regarding I'd Know You Anywhere, Ms. Lippman did say that the story is based on real events and it could very well be the J.Duggan case..I don't think so though, the kidnapper was also a murderer of young women...but it was an interesting book though.

kt said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog--but I'm not a Ct book lover--I am a booklover who lives in the Ct River Valley of Vt. Many of the residents here have connections by family to Guilford, Ct, however. I hope my living in Vt will not in any way alter my chances of winning your giveaway, which sounds interesting.

kt said...

Ooops forgot that I am a follower through GFC and that I wish to be included in the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I am a follower already and have clicked all the appropriate "yes" boxes :) Rae
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Kym McNabney said...

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Donna said...

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I love your use of song lyrics for titles on your reviews! I have the hardest time finding titles for my reviews on Amazon.

This is a great review. You're very honest and as a reviewer myself, I appreciate how difficult it can be.
I'd like to be entered into your contest.
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Tracy Krauss said...

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Anonymous said...

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mike draper said...
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Anonymous said...

Your give away sounds like a good thriller. I always enjoy a good thriller.

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Lynne E. said...
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Mike, I don't want to be included in the giveaway, but I do have a question about the rules. Do I have to do ALL of those things to qualify for the blog contest? For example, I don't follow anyone on Twitter--or Facebook, either, for that matter.

Lynne E. said...
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Sally Sapphire said...

Sounds interesting . . . I wouldn't mind giving this a read at all.


Heather said...

While I enjoyed your review, this is not the book for me.

No need to enter me in the draw.

Jennifer Goehl said...

Excellent reviews!
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Eva Coopersmith said...

Hi Mike;
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Huggins said...

Good review Mike. Please include me in the giveaway. gfc (mamabunny13) twitter @mamabunny13 I found your review on Amozon helpful. mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

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