Thursday, June 16, 2011

"You're mine, and we belong together." Song Lyrics

There are times when the reader wants a book from an author they know will deliver a suspenseful story with characters that they can relate to and sympathise with.

Greg Hurwitz is one of the constantly good authors and he provides another enjoyable book in "You're Next."

Mike Wingate's last memory of his father was when Mike was age four and his father left him at a playground. His father's last message was that it wasn't Mike's fault. After that, Mike's father disappeared from his life.

Mike was raised in a foster home and befriended a boy named Shep. They became inseparable, as close as brothers could be. However, they were wild and unruly. Trouble with the law followed the boys on a number of occasions.

Mike got some breaks and with hard work, built up his construction business. He found happiness with his wife, Annabel and precious daughter, Kat, age eight.

After Mike's photo was in the paper for winning an award, he began to be threatened by a number of people with criminal backgrounds. There were also law enforcement officers who appeared to be working with the criminals.

Frustrated and not knowing where to turn, Mike calls Shep and eventually goes into hiding with Kat, after the criminals strike against Annabel.

The story shows Mike's struggle against powerful foe who seem to want to harm him for something he can't figure out. He can only guess that it might have to do with his parents.

Hurwitz's work is always highly entertaining. His characters are all too believable and the plot is cleverly revealed. The search for Mike's pursuers takes him to a place that the reader cannot foresee with a cinematic climax that is satisfying and engrossing.


Sally Sapphire said...

The mystery of his father, the crooked cops, and that "cinematic climax" have me curious. I haven't read any of Greg's work, but this definitely sounds interesting.

Tracy.H said...

Another one that looks like a page turner. thanks! :0)

BrittanyGale said...

Great review. I've heard of this book and have been interested in reading it. I'll have to grab a copy!

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