Friday, June 3, 2011

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Karin Slaughter has been entertaining her fans with exciting thrillers with more than ten novels to her name.

Faith Mitchell completed a long computer seminar mandated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. Her mother, Evelyn, a retired police commander is watching Faith's four month old daughter, Emma. Faith has been through countless training exercises but when she sees a bloody handprint on her mother's door, she goes into high gear. She finds Emma locked in a car in the garage but it seems like someone is in her mother's home.

After Faith calls for backup. she sees movement in the house and sensing that her mother is in danger, she decides not to wait. She enters the home and finds one man deceased and then confronts two other men. She shoots one and chases the other, when this man fires at Faith, she returns fire, killing him. Three dead home invaders but no sign of Evelyn.

Will Trent is Faith's partner. Amanda Wagner of the GBI is his boss and Evelyn's best friend. They lead the investigation. We learn that Evelyn had been the commander of the narcotics division prior to her retirement. Through a tip from an unidentified source, it was determined that the men in Evelyn's unit were stealing part of the money from every narcotics arrest. Although Evelyn was not part of the investigation, she took a retirement.

Now Amanda and Will give first priority to finding Evelyn. What concerns them is that of the three dead men at Evelyn's home, two were from the Spanish gang, Los Texicanos and one Asian and members of these two nationalities don't usually work together. Perhaps there is a turf war.

The story deals with the loyalty Will and Amanda have for their friend, Evelyn. We also see Faith begin her own investigation. We follow the search with the supposition that Evelyn did take some money along with her unit. While the evidence seems to point in that direction, the loyalty of these fellow officers is admirable, as is Faith's love of her mother and determination to save her. During the investigation, Will and Dr. Sara Linton, spend a good bit of time together and become romantically involved. With these characters having ongoing stories in the author's novels, it seems like two people who had been destined for each other, finally realizing it and making their friendship more than it had been.

The story has good character descriptions and moves along swiftly. With the inventive plot, knock out characters and fascinating conclusion, it all adds up to make this an engrossing read.

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Thanks for the insightful review! I am interested in reading this since I have read almost all her other books. Rae

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