Monday, August 22, 2011

" no sure test of is an accident, not a property of man." Thomas Carlyle

"The Accident" deals with the sale of knock off items, such as expensive purses and medications, and the unwary suburbanites who think they can add to their family's incomes by selling them. We also learn of organized crime behind many of these schemes. The author presents the facts of the loss of tax revenue, the cost to honest businesses and the revelation that some of these items are made by young children working in miserable conditions in China and third world countries.

The thrilling story tells of Glen Garber becoming worried when his wife, Sheila, doesn't return from an evening class. He's home with his precocious daughter, Kelly, age eight.

Unable to just sit still, Glen attempts to follow the route his wife would take and comes upon an accident. He sees it is his car and police tell him that Sheila was apparently drinking and passed out, an empty bottle of liquor was found. The accident was fatal to Sheila and two people in another car.

One of Sheila's friends, Ann Slocum is ordered to meet an unnamed man who wants his money. We learn that Ann has been selling unregistered pharmaceutical products. Ann meets someone by the water and has a dispute, resulting in her death, after hitting her head and falling into the water.

Glen has lost so much and, with Sheila's death, he seems surrounded by people who are intent on harming him, his business and even his daughter, Kelly. He is a most sympathetic character who we come to admire because he doesn't sit still after having his world crumble around him.

Barclay has written a book about a man who demonstrates how one man, acting with conviction, can make a difference.

This is an easy read but the reader should take their heart medicine and cancels all of their appointments before starting the story because once the reader delves into this gem, they won't be able to stop reading until the last page.

I enjoyed the characters and found myself holding my breath in parts of the book and saying "Oh No," and in other parts cheering for Glenn's success.


Tracy.H said...

I have this one coming up soon. I have enjoyed the two previous Linwood Barclay books I have read. Thanks for the review. :0)

Anonymous said...

I am reading this now, after I saw your review, and I am loving it! Thanks, Rae

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