Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a teardrop."

Two young lovers, Nate and Sara, are trying to put their past behind them and start a new life. They're on their way to Reno and stop for food.

There's a man in the tavern who tells them that his car has died and offers them $500. to drive him to Reno. They are somewhat uncomfortable at first but since they don't have much money, they are persuaded by that and agree.

During the trip the man appears ill and nervously tells them that there is a woman named Lilith after him.

They are driving through a snowstorm but finally have to stop. They pull off at a run down motel. Nate gets a room for he and Sara but when he comes out to the car, the man, Syl, is unconscious. Nate examines him and sees that he's shot. He's also carrying a money belt. Not expecting Syl to live the night, Nate takes the money belt and moves Syl out of the car.

This is the kind of story that Alfred Hitchcock was famous for. Everyone is stuck at the motel while the storm rages. Then the caractures learn that Nate took a large amount of money from Sly and everyone begins to conspire on how to get their hands on the money.

"The Cold Kiss" is a quick read and would be just right to take on a vacation. The action is nicely described and the story is packed with tension. All that is needed is for creepy music to let the reader and characters know that danger lurks in the shadows.


Anonymous said...

Sounds spooky; you have a good eye for choosing books! Rae

Shanan, The Book Addict said...

This sounds like an interesting book. Not like what I normally read but if its quick I may give it a chance. Thanks!

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