Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our five senses are incomplete without the sixth-our sense of humor." Unknown

Former Secret Service Agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are hired by defense attorney Ted Bergin to help in the defense of Edgar Roy. They are soon up to their necks in a rivalry between informational gathering agencies inside and out of the government. Roy is accused of being a serial killer.

On their way to meet Bergin in Maine, they discover that he has been murdered and wonder how someone could have gotten close enough to Bergin to have killed him on a mostly deserted road.

Roy is accused of murdering six people whose bodies are found buried on his farm. He had just noticed that the ground didn't look right and had a shovel in his hand when the police arrived after an anonymous tip.

Sean and Michelle meet a Maine State Police Lieutenant Eric Dobkin who was helpful. They learn that Roy is a federal prisoner and anything connected to Roy must be reported to the FBI who will take over the case.

In this well paced thriller that tries to prove one man's innocence against seemingly insurmountable odds, there is a U.S. intelligence program led by Peter Bunting who is attempting to find a man of rare intelligence rated a six. It is called the EProgram. This person would be able to analyze information from all over the world and be able to make predictions and then provide this information to the government.

There are powerful people competing for a billion dollar contract and David Baldacci does an excellent job in keeping the reader guessing as to what direction the story will take. What do intelligence agencies want with Edgar Roy and how will Sean and Michelle get the information to defend him when it seems that they are going against the highest powers in the U.S. government.

A high powered reading experience that will keep you wanting more.

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