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Two of the things that appeal the most to me concerning David Levine's novels, are his intricate plots and multi-demensional charcters.

In "13 Million Dollar Pop," Frank Behr is a relatively new employee at the Caro Group, private investigators and personal security advisors. As the story opens, he's searching for a home with his girlfriend, Susan, who is nearing delivery of their first child.

Frank is doing a personal security detail for one of the company clients so a friend at Frank's company can attend one of his children's sporting events. This was supposed to be an easy assignment but while providing security for Bernard Kolodnik, someone attempts to kill Kolodnik. However, Frank's quick reflexes saves him.

Frank is treated like a hero and the next day, the governor appoints Kolodnik as a replacement when the senior senator from Indiana resigns to fight advanced prostate cancer.

Everyone seems satisfied but Frank is an investigator and wants answers. When he asks about the official investigation, he only gets evasive responses.

The story describes a real estate developer whose development including a casino which doesn't get approval and the man becomes overextended. He had made a deal with Kolodnick's campaign manager to get Kolodnick's influence and there would be a quick sale once the building was complete. There was supposed to be a secret kickback of 13 million dollars from the ownership once the property was sold. However, the economy and other factors stalled the development. Now that Kolodnick is an official, he leaves his personal business dealings behind.

The author explores Franks' goal of solving the crime. He's also compassionate and we see his tender moments with his girlfriend as she nears delivery date. He is also a man who wants to help people who are being unjustly treated.

I tried to think of another character in literature who reminded me of Frank and my first thought was Tom Joad from "The Grapes of Wrath." In a way, both men are protective of their families and other workers who are being bullied by crooked officials.

The pacing of the novel is masterful. As the story nears its culmination, action continues to speed up and suspense mounts. Each character is fully drawn and comes alive in the story.

This is one of the best mysteries of the year and shouldn't be missed.


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The book sounds interesting. Really like your review. Sign me up please.
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Anonymous said...

The book sounds interesting. Really like your review. Sign me up please.
Oh like the pictures. The Thousand Islands is beautiful. I'm from up state New York. Have been there on the American side.

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