Friday, November 2, 2012

Bill Kaiser is a man motivated by social justice. He also possesses a unique set of skills from computer knowledge to chemistry and explosives.

Bill has a particular love for the historic Carnegie-Hayden Center in New York. This was one of his favorite places when he was a boy and his mother would tell him that this was a building that was meant for the people. However, now there is a chance that the building might be turned into one of the first nor profit prisons.

When Bill breaks into a building housing influential people, he's caught and brought to a psych hospital where he meets Sharon Blautner, a psychiatric nurse who is assigned to evaluate him.

Sharon works with Bill and when he's removed to a police psychiatric unit, she unwittingly helps him escape.

Edward Mackinnon is the corrupt exec of the company that wants 'for profit' prisons. He earns Bills's resentment for this and for his past actions against Sharon's father who was a business partner.

This is a finely crafted story with sympathetic characters, good pacing and excellent descriptions of old New York and the building of the Carnegie-Hayden Building.

I was drawn to the characters of Bill and Sharon and became more and more absorbed with the story as it played out.


Sharn3960 said...

Haha- My husband's name is Bill. Great review (as always).

Carol L. said...

I have this on my TRL Mike. The review pulled me in. My ex was a Kaiser LOL.
Carol L
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