Monday, November 26, 2012

"Roses are red, my love." Song lyrics

Sometimes a book is so well written that it is easy to review.

Debbie Macomber's plot is well conceived and executed. "The Inn of Rose Harbor," is the story of healing as much as anything else.

Jo Marie Rose comes to Cedar Grove, Seattle, after the death of her husband while on active duty in Afghanistan. She is deep in grief but when the insurance money arrives, she feels that her late husband, Paul, was giving her a sign to start over.

Jo Marie purchases a B & B and renames it The Rose Harbor Inn. When she gets to know her first two guests, she can tell they both are missing something in their lives.

Joshua Weaver's reason for returning to Cedar Grove was because he was notified that his estranged step-father, Richard, was near death. Although Richard shows only disdain for Josh, Josh's former high school friend and neighbor, Michelle, has been looking after Richard and is able to intercede.

Abby Kincaid hadn't been back to Cedar Grove since a car accident in which she was driving, ended in the death of her best friend. Now Abby's brother is getting married and she is in the wedding party.

The story shows how all three people meet others who appreciate them for who they are and are sympathetic for things in their past.

Debbie Macomber makes the reader care as she helps each of these three people come to appreciate life and what they love about it.

The characters are enduring and the story is one that the reader will remember with fondness.

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