Friday, November 9, 2012

For a photo, she would do anything

Photographer Cassie Cassidy goes to a rendezvous where she hopes to get photos of American Indians in action.

Unfortunately, she meets a reporter who gets into an argument with her. Cass had proven that a photo used by the reporter had been doctored.

Soon after, Cass comes upon the body of a man killed with a tommy hawk.

When she gives her statement to the deputy sheriff, she can tell by the man's aggressive behavior that he sees her as a suspect in the murder.

The writing is colorful as we learn of Indian traditions and the realism that re-enactors feel about the rendezvous and their outfits.

Cass has few friends who take her side and we follow her attempt to prove her innocence.

The setting is picturesque and I compliment the author on an original story filled with historical images. In addition, the author gives a good example of a female character, in a male dominated society, bravely fighting to prove she isn't a killer.

I enjoyed reading this story and hope that it serves to give the author a wider following.

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