Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Night Blind" by Michael W. Sherer

Bravo!  I loved this book.

This excellent story begins with enough information to solidly grab the reader's attention. Then, the tension grows with the exquisitely developed plot with interesting characters acting in ways that make the reader want to learn more.

The story opens in France where a French rogue agent knows it's time to leave the country. He wants to go someplace where he is unknown and make a big score.

In Seattle, Blake Saunders was a public affairs official but lost his job and family after a financial scandal. He's haunted by the suicide of his son and subsides by delivering newspapers.

Normally, a person would be crushed by the magnitude of his misfortune. In Blake's case, it seems to have given him more empathy for others. His part of the story begins with him talking a woman from taking her life by jumping from a bridge.

The last stop on his newspaper delivery route is an elderly woman. Blake often stops in and has tea with this woman, who seems lonely.  This night, she is murdered and the killer attempts to set Blake up.

There is a side story of a bequest to an order of nuns and mineral rights to a piece of land. Seattle is now building a tunnel and there is a connection to what is under the land that is owned by the sisterhood.

The author has a gift for pacing as action moves at a rapid pace, followed by segments of needed background.

Readers looking for an excellent story and well written literature will be rewarded with this edge of seat thriller.

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