Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Don't be cruel, to the one you love." Song Lyrics

In another story of Chief Inspector Gamache of the surete du Quebec, the reader is taken to the colorful, wintry village of Three Pines, a forgotten village like a Canadian Brigadoon (without the singing.)

The story opens as the villagers are getting ready to celebrate Easter and having an Easter egg hunt. Then they decide to celebrate Easter and the renewal of life, with a seance. It is to be at the Timmer Hadley house which brings up bad memories for at least one villager.

The headlines of the paper the following day after the seance is that a woman is scared to death at a seance.

Gamache is sent to investigate and he must find if there is a crime and then find a possible murderer, all the while where is office is filled with intrigue and the prior superintendent is serving time in jail thanks to Gamache's diligent work. However, this man had friends and they aren't the type to forget Gamache's actions.

Even in his own family, there are things he must deal with with his daughter and son-in-law living in Paris and Gamache's wife, wanting to spend more time with them.

The characters are wonderfully portrayed and memorable and Gamache is a legend.


skkorman said...

I typically read very fast, for after all there are SO MANY books to read. There are two writers, though, that I read very slowly, tasting and savoring every word on the page: James Lee Burke and Louise Penny. Their prose is magical!

Thanks for the review, Mike!

Sheila K.

Kelly said...

One of our book club members wants us to read the first in this series for our next selection. I've never read the author, so your review (and the comment above) are both very encouraging.

Michael Draper said...

James Lee Burke and Louise Penny are two of my favorites also.

Michael Draper said...

I wish I was at your book club meeting when they discuss Louise Penny, I bet that will be a great discussion.

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