Saturday, July 4, 2015

Memories are Made of This

As I was being entertained by the story, "Memory Man," I kept thinking how good a writer and storyteller David Baldacci is.

This novel introduces a new protagonist, Amos Decker. He was a pro football player who suffered a massive hit on the helmet by another player. The helmet to helmet collision ended his career and caused an unexplained side effect - he never forgets anything.

Decker went on to be a cop in Burlington and was very successful until a killer murder his wife and family - including his ten-year-old daughter. He resigned from the police department and from life. He ended up sleeping on the streets until he rebounded enough to live in a motel and start a private investigator business. Since he can't forget anything, he continues to see events of that night and it almost brings him to the brink of suicide.

Over a year later, a homeless man confesses to the killing but when Decker gets to question him, he can't provide the small details of the crime.

During this time, there is a mass killing at the high school. Decker ic called back to the job to help with the investigation.

Are the two crimes related? If not, the odds of two horrific killings a year apart don't seem possible.

With the homeless man set free, Decker and his old partner attempt to recreate the crimes to see who might be the killer. They go into Decker's past and come up with various obstacles and surprises.

Since Decker can't forget things, he's able to look at evidence in a minute manner and make progress.

Super entertaining!


Kelly said...

I just recently read my first Baldacci novel and it wasn't one of his thrillers, but Wish You Well. I really thought it was good!

Michael Draper said...

That's cool, Kelly, now you know you have some great reading experiences in your future. Put "Absolute Power" at the top of your list. That's one of his best and I was able to get that in a first edition.

skkorman said...

Thanks for the review, Mike—I love Baldacci, and this one sounds great! Can't wait to read it!

Sheila K.
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