Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Retribution or justice?

In this fine novel which was nominated for the Anthony Award for the Best First Mystery Novel, a predator stalks and rapes law student Chloe Larson and escapes.

12 years later, a string of murders has occurred in the Miami area. The killer is dubbed, cupid and the cupid killer. A policeman pulls a car over for a traffic offense and when the driver refuses to allow the author to check his trunk, a K-9 unit is called. The dog whiffs something. On popping the trunk, they find a dead girl with a missing heart. William Bantling demands a lawyer.

He's brought before the court and prosecutor C.J.Townsend. Is Bantling the serial killer or a copy cat? Then, C. J. hears the man's voice and remembers it. Even though it's been 12 years, C.J. remembers the attack, the break-up of her relationship and her nervous breakdown.  She had moved to Florida, changed her name and passed the Florida bar exam. She's able to survive with drive and periodic visits to her analyst.

When C. J. recognizes the voice she becomes more determined than ever, to make sure that the man who raped her and killed the woman in his trunk gets what he deserves. C.J. must walk a thin line between justice and retribution.

This is a wonderful plot driven novel. C.J.Townsend is a first rate protagonist, sympathetic yet strong in her resolve. The author adds an interesting but somewhat predictable plot twist at the end which heightened the enjoyment.

Film rights have been sold to Warner Brothers and John Wells Productions, the film is currently under development.

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