Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Heart and soul, I fell in love with you." song lyrics

"Our Souls at Night,"  is a nostalgic little book about life, much the same as "The Bridges of Madison County".

The setting is Holt, Colorado, home of all Kent Haruf's wonderful fiction.
Addie Moore's husband had died a number of years ago and she's lonely, the nights are cold and there's no one to talk to. Louis Waters is a neighbor whose wife died a number of years ago also. It's a small town and the two have known each other for decades.

One day Addie visited Louis and suggests that he come and live with her and to sleep with her. She's not talking about sex but to have a warm person next to her at night and someone to talk to when she wakes up.

Their life together was serene and one day, Addie's grandson Jamie, age six, comes to live with her when his parents were going through rough times.

Life gets better and Jamie adds a youthful innocence and joy to their lives. They still continue their relationship and Louis feels that Jamie is lonely and needs a dog, Bonnie is added to the family and the lives of contentment continue.

There are discussions when Addie's son comes to visit but we see that the couple have found happiness and something to close out the empty lives they had been living.

The descriptions of the town and their life histories are well described.

Kent Haruf died in November 2014, this dandy novel is almost like a goodbye gift to his readers.

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