Friday, April 2, 2010

"Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking." Chinese proverb

John Wells is a CIA agent. He's currently re-energizing after his last action adventure.
Now, he's called back to Langley when two men, who were part of a ten-member interrogation unit are killed within twenty four hours of each other.
The unit worked out of a secret location in Poland and is known as the Midnight House. These interrogators are known to use the harshest treatment to the hardened jihadis, who they thought had information about future terrorist activities.
When these two men are killed, officials look into the rest of the unit and find that the deaths that may have been thought otherwise, could have been something else. Wells is asked to find out who is killing the members of this unit, why it is being done and to stop the killer.
I've enjoyed this author in the past but in this work, Berenson must have assumed that the reader read the preceding novels about the lead character. There is little development and Wells comes across as a one dimensional character and is uninteresting.
The subject of torture of terrorists has been done and doesn't have the zest that it once had.

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