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Joseph's brothers came to the Pharoah's land for food to keep their people from starvation. The Bible

Gus Carpenter returns to Starvation Lake after working as a reporter in Detroit and getting into trouble by withholding the source of one of his stories.
Gus runs "The Pilot," a local newspaper and he gets a call from a friend on the police department when a snowmobile washes up at Walleye Lake. When Gus arrives, Sheriff Dengus Aho refuses to give him any information. However. it is similar to the snowmobile of legendary hockey coach, Jack Blackburn, who has been missing since 1988.
Gus' temperamental reporter, Joanie McCarthy, investigates the story of the missing coach. As this is going on, Gus is visited by former hockey teammate and current Real Estate developer, Teddy Boynton. He wants to build a marina and luxury hotel on the lake and wants Gus to support his project in the paper.
The reader is able to see the events of 1970 when coach Blackburn arrived in Salvation Lake from Canada. He had coached in Canada and begins coaching a team of younger players including Gus, his friend Alden "Soupy" Campbell and Boynton. Eventually the talent got better and better and the team was set to challenge for the state title.
Blackwell's fiery enthusiasm was catching and with the team's success, the town developed. The coach was the pitchman for developer Francis Dufrense. However, the team came one victory short of its goal and then, after the snowmobile disappeared, interest in Salvation Lake dwindled and development moved down lake.
With finding the snowmobile, secrets that had been hidden for years gradually comes out. What was the coach and his assistant, Leo Redpath, hiding? Somehow, a number of the young men who played for the coach seemed to change but no one could put it all together until Gus and his reporter, Jonie begin digging.
A splendid debut novel with excellent characterization and description. It is easy for the reader to visualize the scenes and the characters of Gus and his pal, Soupy are well described and easy to sympathize with.


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