Friday, April 9, 2010

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in getting up every time we fall." Confucius

Norwegian Police Det. Harry Hole is assigned to the case of a bank robber who ordered a bank teller to give him money before he counts to twenty-five. When he didn't get his money on time, he kills the cashier and escapes with the money.
Harry is one of the best investigators on the staff. He's a recovering alcoholic whose actions remind this reader of Dirty Harry. He's rough, uncouth and since he lost his partner, Ellen Gjelten, he's not very popular. However, his boss, Bjorne Moller likes him and tries to give him the things he needs.
While Harry's girlfriend is out of the country, he gets a call from an old girlfriend, Anna. She invites him to dinner and the next morning, Harry wakes up with a splitting headache and no memory of the last few hours.
Moller calls and asks him to come to the scene of an apparent suicide and sends a car for him. When he gets to the scene, he's shocked to see that it's Anna's apartment. All the indicators show that it is a suicide but Harry doesn't believe it and wants to know the truth. Then he begins getting threatening e-mails and thinks that he is getting set-up.
This is a fast moving novel with plenty of action. The characters are unique and enjoyable. The author has provided a number of intelligent plot twists to surprise the reader and make the book even more enjoyable.


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